10 epic New York movie locations: Home Alone, Manhattan and more!

If you still haven’t been to New York, you surely have seen a movie located in this city. Although movies like to exaggerate, real NYC doesn’t let you down!

In this article you’ll discover with us 10 of the most epic locations appearing on the big screen or TV. Here we go!

1) King Kong (1933)

What better way to start than by the most iconic building represented in the most epic way on the big screen. We’re talking about the Empire State, that skyscraper used as a tree for the 8th Wonder of the World. King Kong, released in 1933, brought us the story of a giant ape which is captured on its island and brought to the Big Apple as entertainment. After escaping its captivity and fleeing throughout the city, the movie ends with Kong at the top of the Empire State fighting the army. This building has a whole place dedicated to this iconic moment of cinema with all kinds of articles.

Empire State Building - Nueva York de películaKing Kong - Nueva York de película

2) Ghostbusters (1984)

Nana-na-na, Nananana… impossible to not start immediately singing the Ray Parker, Jr.’s song. This classic of horror-comedy-adventure-fantasy that catapulted Bill Murray to stardom used many locations from New York. But without doubt the most emblematic is their HQ located in Lower Manhattan which operated as a Fire Station called Hook & Ladder 8. The building is the same as in the movie, with some minor details like the Ghostbusters logo in its main gate, which you can see below.

Cazafantasmas - Nueva York de películaGhostbusters HQ - Nueva York de película

3) Seinfeld (1989-1998)

Seinfeld… THE american sitcom which starred 4 of the most despicable people in New York City. This cafe was the scenario for most of Jerry and George’s scenes and some of the best scenes of the entire TV history, specially George’s Marine Biologist monologue. This is a real life place which you can visit on 2880 Broadway on the Upper West Side, a few blocks away from Seinfeld’s apartment in the series. However, as the show was filmed on a set, the cafe is totally different to what we’ve seen on TV, although both Jerry and George went to the original café in a short episode from Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Tom's Restaurant - Nueva York de películaTom's Restaurant - Nueva York de película

4) Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

If you do not know who Audrey Hepburn is, go right now to watch this movie. If you have, you already know which place we are going to talk about. This movie was filmed all over New York but the most iconic location still is the Tiffany’s & Co. store, located on 727 5th Avenue. In the very first scene Holly (Audrey Hepburn) emerges from a taxi to check out the jewelry on the windows with breakfast in a bag. Some curious facts: Hepburn hated pastries making her hate filming this scene. Also the interiors of the store were sets as it was too expensive to shoot on location. The only true part of the store was the window of this scene.

Tiffany's & Co. - Nueva York de películaBreakfast at Tiffany's - Nueva York de película

5) The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

Maybe you discovered this place by mistake, but you just need to stand still on the front stairs of the New York Public Library and look opposite the front gate and boom there you go (you only need to imagine a giant wave coming at you and you are set).

Day After Tomorrow - Nueva York de películaThe Day After Tomorrow - Nueva York de película

Also, a big part of the movie was filmed inside the Library, where all the survivors from the wave spent their days until being rescued.

New York Public Library - Nueva York de películaDay After Tomorrow - Nueva York de película

6) Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

Who hasn’t spent a christmas afternoon watching this classic of a boy lost in New York? How many of us would have wanted to be him in the Big Apple? Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) goes around the city visiting many places, his hotel (with Trump’s help), the toy store and Battery Park among others. But without a doubt the most special moment is when we meets Pigeon Lady in Central Park. The Pigeon Lady was in Central Park, specifically in the Southeast corner of the park, close to a bridge called Gapstow Bridge. We highly recommend to lose yourselves in this beautiful 778 acres park to get to see other places in it. Another interesting place to see is the moment where Kevin is escaping our thieves and goes into Central Park, into Bethesda Terrace located in the east side of the park around 72nd street.

Gapstow Bridge - Nueva York de películaGapstow Bridge Home Alone 2 - Nueva York de película
Bethesda Terrace Home Alone 2

7) The Seven Year Itch (1955)

If this is not the most emblematic picture of Marilyn Monroe, I don’t know which one it is. At the front of the Trans-Lux Theatre (located in the southwest corner of Lexington Av. and 52nd Street), one “unaware”? Marilyn goes over an exhaust grid for the New York subway system. The strong wind raises her skirt forcing Marilyn to try to cover herself with the sensuality she always had. This image will become her picture to the world even to this day. Try out yourselves and check if you can show the same sensuality as Marilyn did decades ago.

Marilyn Place - Nueva York de películaMarylin Monroe - Nueva York de película

8) Manhattan (1979)

Something unique to Woody Allen’s movies is that the locations are another character all by themselves. This movie (Manhattan) follows the life of a New Yorker writer in his 40’s hanging around the city, showing us the true face of a melancholic New York City. The movie is shooted in black and white, accentuating the mood, but also showing us some of the most beautiful views of this unique city. Maybe the most iconic one is when, after a long walk during the night Isaac (Woody Allen) and Mary (Diane Lane) arrive to Riverview Terrace in Sutton Square. There they sit in a bench with a priviliged sight to Queensboro Bridge. One of the most beautiful scenes filmed on the big screen.

Riverview Terrace - Nueva York de películaManhattan Riverview Terrace - Nueva York de película

9) The Warriors (1979)

This one of the few movies that enjoys the status of “cult classic”, which is a status reserved for underrated gems in the small or big screen. The Warrios is a movie from 1979 that explores the world of gangs in New York having its own iconic locations to visit in the city.
It is true that most of the sights depicted in the movie is lost (like Taxi Driver) there are still a few places we can identify. One of these places it’s The Warrior’s “home”, located in Coney Islands where they are headed after a long night of dealing with other gangs in the city. This place has changed and is much more amicable nowadays but it still keeps iconic sights like the amusement park in the area. Recently Mr. Robot has used this location as den for its characters in a clear homage to this movie.

Coney Island - Nueva York de películaThe Warriors - Nueva York de película

10) When Harry Met Sally (1989)

When Harry Met Sally is another movie shooted and located in New York. In the movie our protagonist visit places like Central Park, Book Shops and many other places. However, the most famous location is without a doubt Katz’s Delicatessen, located in 205 E Houston St. This Deli shop, just in the limit of SoHo and East Village, exploded into fame thanks to the iconic scene where Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm. This place has a wide variety of really good sandwiches, specially their Pastrami one. Do not miss the opportunity to go to this place immortalized in the big screen.

Katz's Delicatessen - Nueva York de películaWhen Harry Met Sally - Nueva York de película

That’s all folks! If you are still wondering how to get to all this locations, here you have a link with the address and name of each one in Google Maps. Just ask google how to get there and the app will tell you what to do ;). Otherwise you’ll get all the points in the map clicking on this link.

Tell us in the comments which epic movie location you like that didn’t make it to the list!

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